Post 38 Officers


Glenn Beares

Post Commander


It is the duty of the Post Commander to preside at all meetings of the post and Executive committee and to have general supervision over the business and affairs of the post, and such officer shall be Chief Executive officer of the post. He shall approve all orders directing the disbursement of funds, and should make an annual report covering the business and affairs of the post for the year with recommendations for the ensuring year, a copy thereof  forwarded to the Department Adjutant.  His goals are to continue to develop the Post financially, build membership and improve our Post Homes facilities to allow us to better service our members, our veterans and community.


Commander Beares is serving his second year as Post Commander having served for 2018-2019. 


Steven Cutsail

1st Vice Commander


The First Vice Commander assists the Commander and in his/her absence performs the duties of the Commander.  The First Vice Commander also has primary responsibility for management, recruiting and retention of the post’s membership.


Vice Commander Cutsail has previously served as Post Commander (2 terms) and as 2nd Vice Commander.  He is also a member of the Post 38 Honor Guard.


Dave Bowles

2nd Vice Commander


The duty of the Second Vice Commander is to assist the Commander to provide programs and events for the enjoyment of our members, provide a source of fund raising and help attract new members.


Vice Commander Bowles has been a member for 4 years and is also a member of the Post 38 Honor Guard.


Michael Unger, Sr.

Finance Officer


The finance officer must be a person of proven integrity, with experience in financial affairs and policy. The finance office is the chair of the finance committee and in charge of receiving and disbursing post funds and maintaining the posts financial records and accounts.


Finance officer Unger is in his 3rd year as Finance officer and has also served as Post Commander (2 terms), 1st Vice Commander and 2nd Vice Commander.


Ann Unger



The adjutant holds the same relative position in the post as the secretary of any other organized body. The adjutant is the personnel officer, the intimate contact with the individual post member, minutes of meetings, checks up and assists the work of the other officers and committees, and publishes official orders, announcements and instructions.


Adjutant Unger has been a member for numerous years and is married to our current Finance Officer. 


Bob Redyk

Judge Advocate


The primary duty of the judge advocate is to supply professional advice in the conduct of the post business or to procure proper counsel. He is the guardian of the constitutional form of post government and parliamentary procedure. The judge advocate supplies valuable assistance to  and advises other post committees and officers.


Judge Advocate Redyk has been a member of the American Legion for over 53 years.  He also currently serves as the Legion Baseball Chairman and has served as Department Commander, Department Vice Commander and Post Commander.


Jake Duda, Jr.



The sergeant-at-arms should know how to arrange the meeting hall and should assist the post commander and adjutant in the preliminary arrangements for the meeting, including custodian of the colors and should be in charge of the color detail during the presentation and retirement ceremonies of the colors.


Sgt-At-Arms Duda has been a member for over 8 years


Gilbert Crosby

Service Officer


The post service officer is responsible for bringing to the attention of all veterans and their dependents the rights and benefits granted them by law—law for which The American Legion can accept a major share of credit. He works tirelessly to assist any and all veterans and their dependents with benefits and other matters.


Service Officer Crosby has held this position for numerous years and has been recognized for his work as service officer.


Michele Vogel



The Chaplain is a person capable of moral and intellectual leadership and one who gives dignity and respect to the office. The Chaplain is the spiritual center and guide for the Post and serves the spiritual needs of members and all veterans.


Chaplain Vogel is a 8 year Legion member and was appointed to her position by the current Commander.



Paul Wright



The Post Historian is responsible for maintaining the historical records of the Post and documenting post activities. He also acts as Liaison on matters of public affairs, keeping the public informed of post functions and achievements.


Historian Wright has been in the position of Historian for numerous years and a member of the Legion for over 28 years and member of the Post 38 Honor Guard.  He is also a PUFL member.

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