AmerLegion Emblem

Dundalk Post 38

Baltimore County
North Central District
Department of Maryland

Monthly Meetings

Home Operating Committee
– 2nd Tuesday at 6 pm

Executive Committee
– 3rd Monday at 6 pm

Post Meeting
– 3rd Wednesday at 7 pm

The Commander's Message

The American Legion is a patriotic veteran’s organization dedicated to the support of our nation’s veterans and the community which we also serve through our programs to mentor youth, advocate Americanism, patriotism and citizenship. Through mutual helpfulness and working together we help secure and build a better community and nation for ourselves and our children.

Moving forward we must rededicate ourselves to our mission which can be best facilitated by building our membership, expanding our revenue and programs and improving our Post Home facilities. Through hard work and dedication, we will continue to provide positive impact and leadership within our community.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside the fine men and women of our Post, the Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, Legion Riders, and many others. It is through their efforts and selfless service that we will continue to perform our mission and will meet the challenges of tomorrow.

I believe in a ‘Work Hard and Play Hard’ philosophy, so while I call on each of you to volunteer your time and talents to the post, we will also continue to find new ways to come together and enjoy the fruits of our labor and our comradery.

To all we will accomplish together — For God and Country!

Glenn Beares
Post Commander

Download our "Why You Should Belong" pamphlet

We invite you to download this informative pamphlet which describes the many missions of, benefits and reasons you should join the American Legion.  Even if you are already a Legion Member, print out one and keep it with you should you run into a fellow veteran so you’re equiped to talk with them about Membership; there is even a membership application on the back page.

Remember, under the newly signed ‘Legion Act’ any veteran who has honorably served any period of Active duty service since the start of WWII is now elegible for membership.  Also see your Post membership team, as they may have hard copies of these pamplets and more application forms so you are always equiped to recruit that new member!