Many of you may not be aware, but Post 38 has been working for some time to purchase and install a large full-color LED sign in front of the Post.  This will allow us to greatly enhance our presents and convey information on upcoming events to the public.

Our first hurtle was funding the sign, and this was accomplished through profit from several events, assistance from member organizations of the Post 38 American Legion Family and donations from outside sources.  Once funding was secured, we began the complicated and long process of securing a permit to install the sign on our property.  First we needed to receive a variance to zoning; this required surveying the property, furnishing plans for the sign and finally a hearing before the Zoning board.

This brings us to the present and we have now received our Zoning Variance and can now apply for the required building permit, order the sign and ultimately install it.

We will keep you updated and we will no doubt have a dedication event once all is said and done.